Permabond Modified Epoxy MT3809 (Gray) Medium Set 10 - 12 min Cartridge and Starter Kit

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PERMABOND MT3809 is a 10:1, two-part, modified epoxy adhesive designed for potting applications. It has excellent adhesion to Nylon, ABS, Polycarbonate and other plastics. When cured, this adhesive is soft and reasonably flexible. Its low viscosity makes it suitable for potting intricate parts.

Static mixer included with each cartridge

Features & Benefits
  • Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Full cure at room temperature
  • Set time 10 - 12 min
  • Easy to apply
  • Soft & flexible
  • Self levelling Low viscosity

Physical Properties of Uncured Adhesive



Chemical composition

Epoxy based resin

Polyamine based hardener




Mixed appearance

Charcoal black

Viscosity @ 25°C

20rpm: 6,000 – 10,000 mPa.s (cP) 2rpm: 15,000 – 25,000 mPa.s (cP)

5,000-10,000 mPa.s(cP)

Specific gravity