Plastic Welding Basics - Welding Tools, 3 Types

Perigee Direct has available different versions of plastic welding kits for different levels of users from the occasional and single-job user, to intermediate & occasional users, to experts & professionals.

Type 1, Plastic Welding Hot Irons

(similar to soldering irons but higher wattage and with different attachments)

Many DIY’ers, and folks who have a single job to do, choose to use or start with a Hot Iron Plastic Welding Kit.  It's low cost and pretty easy to operate, with decent and functional results and performance.  Often with a flat Triangle-shapped flat head, Circular or Oval shaped, or with a rod-feeding hole/tube that allows plastic welding rod to be inserted through a hole in the head to supply plastic more efficiently to the welding site. 

Type 2, Plastic Welding Hot Air Guns

The next step in capability, speed, efficiency and technical expertise is the Hot Air Welder Gun Kit.  They are functionally similar to a standard shop hot air gun, which is like a super strong, extremely hot blow dryer.  They tend to have a rod-feeding attachment that directly accepts tacking, speed welding or Pendulum welding tips all in a small, easy to use package.  Another option is a tight space Hot Air Plastic Welding Rod Tool.  This tool has a remotely located air jet and a hose that conveys the air to the handheld heater to reach into small spaces.

Type 3, Plastic Welding Hot Air Guns

The third and top level in capability and technical expertise is a Plastic Extrusion Welding Kit used for welding thick sheets together quickly, efficiently, and on-site.  This system is for plastic that is thicker than 5mm (0.200 inch) to 25mm (1.000 inch) thick.  Use this kit for double Vee and single Vee butt welds, inside corner and outside corner welds and edge welds of thicker materials.  These extrusion welders take 4mm or 5mm welding rods and have output volumes up to 5 pounds per hour.