Net 30 Line of Credit Account

How to create and use a Net 30 Line of Credit Account with Perigee Direct

Do this to create a Net 30 account:

To create a  Net 30 Account with Perigee Direct for you and your organization, simply call us, or click on this link below to download the application form:

 Download: Perigee Net 30 Account Applicaiton Form

This is our New Account Packet, including:

  • About-Us (Page 1)
  • Product Line Card of all of our major Product Categories (Pages 2 a& 3)
  • The Net 30 Application at the end of the doc (Starting on Page 4)

And to use your Net 30 account, simply do one of these three options:

  • Send a PO over to, and declare the Payment type to be “LOC on File
  • Call us at +1-817-381-9398, we will enter the order for you
    1. and during payment/tendering simply state to use your “LOC on File
  • Place your order online at
    1. Log into your account using the email above.
    2. and during the check-out process, select one of these two:
      1. My Net 30 Account
      2. “Shop Pay” (this option allows the option to have installment payments, if you are purchasing expensive equipment and want to spread the payments out.)

    Also, u can check your order history and account:

    • View past orders, download invoices, re-order again

    • Adjust or Add Shipping Information

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