How to Create an Account & Place Orders

How to Create a Customer Account

Many customers ask, how do we create an account with you, Perigee Direct?

Well, it’s super easy, there’s two basic ways.

Way 1:  Just do a Shopping Cart Checkout, like you’re purchasing a product.

  • Put a product in the cart.
  • Click the Cart button.
  • Follow the check-out instructions
  • Just hit "Continue to Shopping" to proceed


Way 2:  Click on the ‘Create Account’ button and follow the instructions.

  • Click ‘User Icon’ and follow instructions.
  • Receive Email and confirm by clicking button
  • You will then land on your account management page, simply enter shipping & billing info.
  • You can also view and re-order past orders.



How do we Send POs or Place Orders?

 Simply do one of these three options:

  1. Send a PO over to
  2. Call us at +1-817-381-9398, we will enter the order for you
  3. Place your order online at


Also, u can check your order history and account:

  • View past orders, download invoices, re-order again

  • Adjust or Add Shipping Information