Maven EAF460 - Slow Set 60 Minute Black or Off-White Epoxy - Toughened 60-Minute Set Epoxy Adhesive



  • $ 2,999.97

    Maven EAF460 Toughened Epoxy is a 60-minute set/cure multipurpose, two-component, room temperature Epoxy adhesive of excellent strength and toughness.

    Available in Black or Off-White

    Maven EAF460is an excellent bonder for Steel (ferrous and stainless), Aluminum, and many types of Plastics.

    Substitutes and Similar Formulas:

    • 3M DP460, 3M DP460NS, 3M 460 pails

    Key Features:

    • 60 Min Working Time, dries Clear
    • Excellent Metal Adhesive; and Good Plastics Adhesive for Craftsmen, DIY, and Industrial
    • Excellent Shear and Peal Strength, and Electrically Insulating (does not conduct)
    • Medium Viscosity (15,000 to 30,000 cps)
    • Excellent environment performance/resistance

     Product Performance Specs:

    Work Time: 60 minutes to initial set

     Handling Strength: 2-4 hours

     Full Cure Strength: 24 hours

     Color: Black or Off-White

     Viscosity: Medium (15,000 to 30,000 cps)

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