Loctite EA (Hysol) E-120HP Toughened Non-Sag 120-Min Set Epoxy (2 hour)

Loctite EA (Hysol)

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    LOCTITE EA (Hysol) E-120HP is a toughened, 2:1 ratio mix, High-viscosity, industrial grade epoxy adhesive with a 2-hour extended work life. Once mixed, the two-component epoxy cures at room temperature to form a tough, amber-white, bondline which provides high peel resistance, high shear strengths, and high resistance to impact and vibration. The fully cured epoxy is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, and acts as an excellent electrical insulator.


    The high performance epoxy provides excellent bond strengths to a wide variety of plastics and metals.  Ideal for general purpose industrial applications requiring extended work life for adjusting parts during assembly.

    Data Sheets (Click on a link)

        TDS / Technical Data Sheet

        MSDS Parts A & B

    Chemical / Solvent Resistance

    Cured for 5 days at 22°C on steel with no induced gap, aged under conditions indicated and tested at 22°C.

    Solvent                 Temp.    % Initial Strength retained at

                                                 500h   vs. 1000h





    Motor Oil (10W-30)




    Unleaded Gasoline




    Water/Glycol  (50%/50%)




    Salt/Fog ASTM B-117




    95% Relative Humidity




    Condensing Humidity












    Isopropyl Alcohol





    Directions for use

    1.   For high strength structural bonds, removal of surface contaminates such as paint, oxide films, oils, dust, mold release agents and all other surface contaminates.

    2.   Use gloves to minimize skin contact. DO NOT use solvents for cleaning hands.

    3.   2-Part Cartridges: To use simply insert the cartridge into the application gun and start the plunger into  the  cylinders using light pressure on the trigger. Next, remove the cartridge cap and expel a small amount of adhesive to be sure both sides are flowing evenly and freely. If automatic mixing of resin and hardener is desired, attach the mixing nozzle to the end of the cartridge and begin dispensing the adhesive. For hand mixing, expel the desired amount of the adhesive and mix thoroughly. Mix approximately 15 seconds after uniform color is obtained. Bulk Containers: Mix thoroughly by weight or volume in the proportions specified in Properties of Uncured Material section. Mix vigorously approximately 15 seconds after uniform color is obtained.

    4.   For maximum bond strength apply adhesive evenly to both surfaces to be joined.

    5.   Application to the substrates should be made within 60 minutes. Larger quantities and/or higher temperatures will reduce this working time.

    6.   Join the adhesive coated surfaces and allow to cure at 25°C (77°F) for 24 hours for high strength. Heat up to 93°C (200°F), will speed curing.

    7.   Keep parts from moving during cure. Contact pressure is necessary. Maximum shear strength is obtained with a 3-9 mil bond line.
    8.   Excess uncured adhesive can be cleaned up with ketone type solvents.



    Product shall be ideally stored in a cool, dry location in unopened containers at a temperature between 8°C to 28°C (46°F to 82°F) unless otherwise labeled. Optimal storage is at the lower half of this temperature range. To prevent contamination of unused product, do not return any material to its original container. For further specific shelf life information, contact your local Technical Service Center.


    Data Ranges

    The data contained herein may be reported as a typical value and/or range. Values are based on actual test data and are verified on a periodic basis.



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