DISCONTINUED - Araldite 2041 Thick 15-min Polyurethane adhesive for most plastics

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Product details

  • Type Polyurethane
  • Vendor Araldite
  • SKU AR_2041_050ml

Product Description

This Product has been discontinued by the Manufacturer, however we are leaving this page live so you can view the Product Details and find a suitable substitute adhesive. 

Manufacturer's Recommended Substitute:

Araldite 2040.

Though no longer available, Araldite® 2041 A/B polyurethane adhesive was a two-part system specifically formulated for bonding plastics including polycarbonate, ABS, nylon and Metton® 1 with minimal substrate preparation. It also performed well when bonding primed metals. Cured Araldite® 2041 A/B polyurethane adhesive featured good environmental stability and impact resistance. It also has been successfully used for bonding painted metals.

Please Note: These cartridges are designed to work best with a 50ml Dispensing dispenser. We advise you use the correct Dispenser to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. If you do not have one, please check out our Dispensers; all are excellent products and have our seal of approval.

If you prefer not to use a Dispenser, there is an option for a manual hand plunger or a caulking dispenser adapter that you can use for fast small jobs.


  • Excellent flexibility
  • Convenient mix ratio
  • Bonds a wide variety of materials


  • Polycarbonate
  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • Metton
  • Vulcanized rubber
  • Primed metals

Additional information is available by consulting the Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Just ask for it!