Ritter 50ml Mixing Nozzle Round (helix) 17-element 4.4 inch for B-System Cartridges (18001-0041)

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SKU: RITTER_ZWM_NOZZLE_50ML_17S_18001-0041
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  • Type Mixing Nozzles
  • Vendor Ritter
  • SKU RITTER_ZWM_NOZZLE_50ML_17S_18001-0041

Ritter Round (Helix) gray/white  (High-Efficiency, Low-Waste) universal mixing nozzles (4.4-Inch 17-element gray/white Static Mixers) for all standard B-System & S-System 1:1 & 2:1 Ratio 50ml 2-Part epoxy and adhesive cartridges (those with a large gray twist-off cap).

Works with all standard B-System and S-System 50ml cartridges.  See the product pictures for illustrations of the compatible cartridge design. 

Works with the new 3M Cartridge Design, as well as with all major adhesive cartridges that have a large gray twist-off cap on it's outlet end, i

1) Syringe Inner Diameter: 6mm/ 0.25"; Tip-end hole Inner Diameter: 0.5mm/ 0.06"

2) Inner Mixing Elements: 24 elements (how many mixing 'points' are found inside the nozzle)

3) Total Syringe Length: 85mm/ 3.5") Package Contents vary by the Pack size you select. Each Pack includes the same number of mixing nozzles plus the related inner/inside mixing assembly


Mixing elements
4.4 inch  (112.5 mm)
Outer Ø Outlet
1.8 mm