Permabond ET5422 Thixotropic Epoxy with Excellent Shock & Vibration Resistance

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Permabond ET5422 50ml Cartridge (1:1) is a thixotropic two part adhesive with excellent resistance to impact and vibration.

Permabond ET5422 is a two-component, light blue adhesive that provides high-strength adhesion to many engineering materials and is ideal for replacing welding. It allows greater freedom of material selection with its ability to bond dissimilar materials and seals against moisture and chemicals. It can also be used instead of mechanical fasteners, helping to keep assemblies lightweight and rattle-free without compromising the structure with holes for fasteners.

This easy-to-use room temperature curing epoxy adhesive consists of resin and hardener and is supplied in convenient dual cartridges for dispensing via a handgun. The adhesive is mixed and dispensed via static mixing nozzles.