Permabond Antiseize 1-Pound bottle with brush, rapid-drying chemial & heat-resistant brush-on compound

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Permabond Anti-Seize is a superior grade assembly compound and high pressure lubricant. This high quality aluminum, copper and graphite based antiseize formula has unique particle shapes suspended in special carriers. It will protect metal parts under extreme heat, pressure and polluting conditions to 2000°F (1095°C). AntiSeize is designed with ultra-fine metallic and graphite particles enhancing a longer lasting protective film, resisting washout, burn-off and corrosion.

Features & Benefits
Protects against rust and corrosion
Reduces friction – provides constant torque/tension
Speeds assembly / disassembly
Prevents seizing, galling and cold welding
Retards galvanic action between dissimilar metals
Resists salt water corrosion
Compatible with all types of metals and most plastics
Non-hardening and non-dripping