Permabond 2050 cyanoacrylate adhesives Instant Adhesive with high viscosity


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    PERMABOND® 2050 is a flexible cyanoacrylate adhesive, exhibiting improved peel strengths when compared to other grades. It has excellent impact and vibration resistance, and is suitable for bonding dissimilar materials which could be subject to thermal shock or thermal cycling. 2050 is ideal for use on flexible or semiporous surfaces. It can also be used to bond silicone when used in conjunction with Permabond Polyolefin Primer (POP).

    Features & Benefits
    • Medium-high viscosity
    • Flexible and toughened 
    • Fast cure 
    • Easy to apply and dispense 
    • 100% reactive, no solvents

    Physical Properties of Uncured Adhesive

    Chemical composition

    Ethyl cyanoacrylate



    Viscosity @ 25°C

    1,200-1,800 mPa.s (cP)

    Specific gravity


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