MixPac MixCoat 1125ML 2:1 Cartridges for MixCoat 2-part Spray Coating System (AF 1125-02-14-01 or AF 1125-02-30-01) (153469 or 128074)

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MixPac 1125ML 2:1 Cartridges for MixCoat 2-part Spray Coating System.

Empty 1125ML 2:1 Cartridges in the F-System style for 2:1 ratio liquid spray-on coatings, adhesives, lubricants, etc. These cartridges includ the Resealable Cap, Plug and Sealing Pistons. Each cartridge includes the necessary cap and Sealing Pistons to close and seal the empty Cartridges. Mixing nozzles and other accessories sold separately above in banner ribbon

MedMix MixPac (Sulzer) Cartridge Part Number, refer to table below.

High-Density 2-Part (dual-component) 2:1 ratio 1125ml empty Adhesive Cartridge, with included Resealable Cap and Sealing Pistons.

Ratio Volume Part ID Part Number Plastic Material Piston Style Bulk Units / Pallet Mixer Style
1:1 1500ml (50.7oz) 153493 AF 1500-01-14-01 PP Self-venting 418 F-System
166293 AF 1500-01-14-05 PP Self-venting 418 F-System
128218 AF 1500-01-30-01 PA Self-venting 418 F-System
2:1 1125ml (38oz) 153469 AF 1125-02-14-01 PP Self-venting 532 F-System
128074 AF 1125-02-30-01 PA Self-venting 532 F-System
3:1 1000ml (33.8oz) 153495 AF 1000-03-14-01 PP Self-venting 627 F-System
128216 AF 1000-03-30-01 PA Self-venting 627 F-System
4:1 940ml (31.8oz) 153494 AF 940-04-14-01 PP Self-venting 684 F-System
128080 AF 940-04-30-01 PA Self-venting 684 F-System

NOTE: With these empty Cartridges, you will need additional accessories: a dispensing product and mixing Nozzles to push/extrude/dispense the adhesive out. We recommend also getting one of our 1125ml Dispensers, and some F-System mixing Nozzles, which will enable you to dispense the adhesives out of these Cartridges. These empty Cartridges can be used to fill, store, and dispense.

It's perfect for storing and applying bulk adhesives that use a 2:1 mix ratio, where precise metering and mixing is needed. for example, 2-part adhesives, epoxies, silicones, urethanes, and other 2-part fluids and compounds.

These 2-Part Cartridges are industrial grade and silicone free. The Cartridge design/fit using the industrial standard "F-System" template. The 2-Part design keeps the two adhesive parts separate, until a separate mixing Nozzle is attached, where the two parts are pushed or extruded into the mixing Nozzle and bonding or curing begins.

Dispensers are available for all size Cartridges either in manual of pneumatic. The “F” System is comprised of a hand-held manual Dispenser which dispenses 2-component adhesives through “F” System Cartridges and motionless mixers. Cartridge systems are available in a variety of volumetric ratios. Please be sure to select the correct ratio for your two component system.