MixPac MBQ 05-24L Mixing Nozzles - for 3M EPX 50ml Duo-Pak Adhesive Cartridges (Longer 24-element, 4.5in, 1:1 & 2:1 ratios)

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MixPac Mixing Nozzles for the New 3M 1:1 and 2:1 ratio 50ml Duo-Pack Cartridge Design (also called a B-System design with a large gray screw-off cap). These are the longer 4.5-inch 24-element mixing nozzles, which are preferred for most Urethane and many Epoxy adhesives that require more mixing elements to properly mix.

Direct Substitute for 3M Mixing nozzle Part Number 62915491484, NSN 5120-01-677-4494 (5120016774494, 016774494)

They are also in the high-efficiency quadro style, which reduces wasted material by about 50% vs traditional helix nozzles. They reduce wasted adhesives through smaller cavities and more efficient interior mixing elements, and with a guaranteed-correct A-B alignment when mixing the two parts which eliminates incorrect mixing ratios.

Works perfectly with the new 3M EPX Duo-Pak Cartridge Design, as well as with all B-System and S-System 50ml "Square-Back or Rectangle-Back" Cartridges. Essentially, it's for all cartridges that have a large gray twist-off cap on their outle (instead of a smaller white cap).

1) Syringe Inner Diameter: 6mm/ 0.25"; Tip-end hole Inner Diameter: 0.5mm/ 0.06"
2) Inner Mixing Elements: 24 elements (how many mixing 'points' are found inside the nozzle)
3) Total Syringe Length: 115mm/ 4.5") Package Contents vary by the Pack size you select.
4) Fully compatible with the 3M EPX Green Mixing Nozzle Stock Number 62-9154-9148-4 (UPC 0-76308-86434-7)
5) As well as the Bulk 3M Stock Number 62-9171-9954-9 (UPC 0-63806-01003-1)