MIXPAC K-System 3mm (3cc) Small Syringe 1:1 Ratio (301618 - KK 003-01-10-02)

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  • Type Syringe Barrel and Piston
  • Vendor MedMix MixPac
  • SKU MIXPAC_SRNG_KIT_KK 003-01-10-02(301618)_01PK

MIXPAC K-System 3mm (3cc) Small Syringe 1:1 Ratio  (301618  - KK 003-01-10-02)  Syringe accessories include Syringe, Mixing Nozzle, and Dispensing plunger.

  • This nozzle uses no cap. 
  • It employs the capillary effect to entrap the material inside the syringe. 
  • It releases one drop at a time upon pressing the plunger.
  • It is designed to work with low viscosity material.

Size: 3ml

Ratio: 1:1

Part Number:  KK 003-01-10-02 (301618)

Pack count:  Singles, 10, 50, 100, and bulk boxes of 1800 units

Ratio Size ID Part Number Part Type Cartridge
Material / Color
Piston Type Units/ Bulk Box Mixer Style
1:1 3mL 301643 KK 003-01-10-01 Integrated
Syringe + Plunger
PP / White White HDPE, solid lip seal 1800
301618 KK 003-01-10-02 Integrated
Syringe + Plunger
PP / White Black HDPE, solid lip seal integrated plunger 1800