MixPac F-System 250ml PP Empty 10:1 ratio 2-Part Empty Cartridges & Starter Kits (AF 200-10-10-01)

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MedMix MixPac (Sulzer) 200ml PP (Polypropylene) Empty 10:1 ratio 2-Part Empty Cartridges & Starter Kits (AF 200-10-10-01)

Adhesive Cartridges and Starter Kits for 10:1 ratio adhesives, which includes all components needed to properly dispense material: 200ml universal Dispenser, mixing Nozzles, resealable caps and Sealing Pistons. Each Kit includes one Dispenser, and either 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 Cartridges with the related mixing Nozzles, caps and Sealing Pistons. Perfect for storing and applying bulk adhesives that use a 1:1 mix ratio, where precise metering and mixing is needed.

Made in USA

This cartridge is a substitute for:

MedMix MixPac (Sulzer) Cartridge Part Number: AF 200-10-10-01 (#112402)

Available in two kit options, plus related accessories:

  • Empty Cartridges and Pistons
  • Starter Kits with Cartridges, Pistons, Mixing Nozzles, and Dispenser
  • Useful Accessories

About the Cartridges:

The Sulzer Mixpac F System 200ml cartridge allows for medium to high volume adhesive dispensing and includes self venting lip seal pistons for easier extrusion as well as a preassembled nose plug. This cartridge is available in two different materials to better fit the materials being filled and dispensed.

Technical Benefits of the Sulzer Mixpac 200ml F-System Cartridges

  • Separate outlets perfectly sealed interface between the mixer and cartridge for safe, clean working and no cross-mixing
  • Defined positioning of cap for safe and easy handling and no cross-mixing
  • Rigid construction precise dosing – accurate application suitable for high-viscosity compounds and allowing for high long-term stability
  • Wide range of different mixers for each 2 component adhesive
  • Manual or pneumatic dispensers available for little user effort and fatigue-free working