LORD Accelerator 4 Single-Component Easy to Use

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LORD Accelerator 4 is a no-mix curative designed for use with LORD acrylic adhesives. LORD Accelerator 4 can be used with LORD 200 series, 500 series, and MaxlokTM T6 acrylic adhesives.

Features and Benefits

Convenient– provides room temperature cure with all LORD acrylic adhesives.

Extended Work Time-provides extended assembly time as adhesive does not begin cure until it comes in contact with surface coated with dry accelerator

East to Apply– applies easily by brush, wipe, spray or dip methods onto one or both bonding surfaces

Fast Cure-dries in approximately one minute to an offwhite crystalline film

Environmentally Resistant-resists common environmental conditions when used with LORD acrylic adhesives.


Surface Preparation– Remove grease, loose pollution or poorly adhering oxides from metal surfaces. Normal amounts of mill oils and drawing compounds usually do not present a problem in adhesion. Most plastics require a simple cleaning before bonding. Some may require abrading for optimum performance.

Applying– Apply a light coat of accelerator by brush, wipe, spray or dip method onto one or both bonding surfaces.

LORD Accelerator 4 applied to one surface will cure bondline thicknesses up to 635 micron (25 mil). For bondline thicknesses between 508-1016 micron (20-40 mil), apply accelerator to both bonding surfaces.

Drying/Curing— LORD Accelerator 4 will dry in approximately one minute to an off-white crystalline film. If accelerator does not dry within five minutes, dispose of material in compliance with regulations.

Once dry, apply adhesive resin on other bonding surface, and join the parts. Cure begins once adhesive comes in contact with accelerator. Handling strength and complete cure times will vary depending on acrylic adhesive used.

Typical Properties

Appearance Clear to Opaque, Colorless to Amber Liquid
Viscosity, cP @ 77 °F (25 °C) <10
Density lb/gal (g/cm3) 10.2-10.7 (1.22-1.28)
Solids Content by Weight, % 10
Flash Point, °F ( °C) >200 (>93)