LORD 7800 A/C & A/D Urethane Adhesive Gel for Plastics, Composites

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LORD 7800 is an equal mix, two-component, urethane adhesive that is intended to bond composites, plastics and SMC. This product takes little surface preparation and can even bond painted metals. LORD 7800 cures quickly and is able to reach full strength within 24 hours or sometimes less with no flammability issues or odor. This product is a new LORD product that is designed to be used in the transportation sector.

LORD 7800 provides a rapid cure and has outstanding cure strength development allowing for a faster manufacturing and processing. It allows for a low heat cure to 220°F (140°C), eliminating quality issues from cold spots seen with many other adhesives.

Typical Use:
LORD 7800 should be stored in a clean, dry environment at 65-85°F (18-30°C) in original, unopened container. After opening, protect adhesive from excessive exposure to moisture by installing desiccant cartridges and/or using dry nitrogen as an inert cover.
Cure Time:
Full strength in 24 hours or less at 75°F (24°C)
Tan and Black
60 Shore D
Time to Handling Strength:
45 minutes
Working Time:
5-6 minutes
Solid Content by Weight:
Mix Ration by Volume:
Tensile Strength:
3000 psi at Break
Glass Transition Temperature:
177°F (47°C)