LORD 506/19 (3021029) 50ML 2:1 Ratio Two Component Acrylic Adhesive


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    Parker LORD® 506 Acrylic Adhesive with LORD® Accelerator 19 is a two component, acrylic adhesive that can be used to make a semi-flexible bond with thermoset plastics and thermoplastics. It is non-sagging, durable, and resistant to extreme temperatures, solvents, oils, moisture, UV exposure, and dilute acids. 

    Typical Use: Bonds a wide variety of substrates, accommodates shock and sudden stress loading, and is semi-flexible and heat resistant.
    Chemical Composition: Methacrylate
    Color: Off-White
    Components: 2 part
    Cure System: Room Temperature
    Cure Time: 24h @ room temperature
    Flash Point: 506: 12 °C; A19: 93 °C
    Mix Ratio: 10:5 by volume
    Service Temperature: -40 to 149 °C
    Viscosity: 20,000 to 70,000
    Working Time: 4 to 6min @ 24 °C
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