Loctite Teroson MS 9399 Black - Silane-Modified Polymer (SMP) Adhesive & Sealant - 20-30 minute set, Flexible, Moisture & UV Resistant, Thick Non-Sag Gel

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Teroson MS 9399 Silane-Modified Polymer (SMP) Adhesive & Sealant - 20-30 minute set, Flexible, UV Resistant, Moisture Resistant, Thick High-Viscosity Non-Sag Thixotropic Gel

Teroson MS 9399 is also known as Locitite 5590 in the US.

Teroson MS 9399 is a highly viscous, non-sagging , thixotropic gel two-component adhesive based on silane-modified polymers (SMP). It cures independently of atmospheric moisture, is highly UV Resistant, Moisture Resistant, Resistant to Shock and Stretching. It is free from solvents, iscoyanates and silicones. Teroson MS 9399 has good UV and weathering resistance and is used for bonding in indoor and outdoor uses.

For over a decade, specialty vehicle manufacturers like trailer and bus manufacturers have been using TEROSON MS 9399 adhesive (silane modified polymer or SMP) to bond panels of various composition to steel and aluminum framing members. TEROSON MS 9399 gives a water-tight seal, repositionability of panels during assembly, high strength, flexibility of the cured joint, and cosmetic attractiveness. Traditional mechanical fastening of the panel assemblies can be laborious and unappealing cosmetically with the potential of having water leaks in the future.

Loctite Number: MS 9399 (aka 5590)

Brand: Teroson (aka Loctite 5590) LT # 2081666 / 2638701

Related Primer: Teroson SB 450 LT Part Number: 2458313 (aka 642844)

Color: White/Black LT # 2081666 / 2638701

Package Size: 400 ml

Maximum Operating Temperature: +100°F

Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°F

UV Resistance: Great Resistance, No significant changes from 6 weeks exposure of 300W Dry UV at 25 centimeters from bond

Shore A hardness: 55

Elongation at break: 150%

Tensil strength 3.0 mPa

Viscosity Class: High

Viscosity Measurement: Sag-resistant

Multi-Part Adhesive: Two-Part, 1:1 ratio

Manufacturer Ordering Number: 2081733