Loctite EA (Hysol) E-05CL Fast Setting Crystal Clear Epoxy Gel (Thixotropic)

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LOCTITE EA (Hysol) E-05CL is a fast-setting, toughened, medium-viscosity, industrial grade epoxy adhesive. Once mixed, the two-component epoxy cures at room temperature with low shrinkage and forms an ultra clear bondline with excellent peel resistance. When fully cured, the epoxy is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, and acts as an excellent electrical insulator.

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TDS / Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Parts A & B


Ideal for bonding plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, rubber, and masonry materials where flexibility is needed. Designed for a variety of applications such as flex circuits, cable boots, and staking fillet bonds. Well suited for applications that require an ultra-clear bondline.


Mixing: This product requires mixing two components together just prior to application. Complete mixing is necessary. The temperature of the separate components prior to mixing is not critical, but they should be close to room temperature.


Mixing - Cartridges: Place cartridge in proper dispenser. To begin using a new cartridge, remove the cap and dispense a small amount of adhesive, making sure both parts A & B are extruding. Attach nozzle and dispense approximately 1-2" before applying onto the part to be bonded. Partially used cartridges should be stored with the mixing nozzle attached. To reuse, remove and discard the old nozzle, attach the new nozzle, and begin dispensing.

Mixing - Bulk: Combine Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener) in the correct ratio and mix thoroughly until the color and consistency are uniform. EPOXI-PATCHandreg; Tube Kits have been designed so that squeezing EQUAL LENGTH BEADS of Part A & Part B will give proper ratio. Ratios given above can be used for measuring larger amounts. Mixing the adhesive just prior to use is recommended. Heat buildup during or after mixing is normal. Do not mix quantities greater than one pound as dangerous heat buildup can occur causing uncontrolled decomposition of the mixed adhesive. Mixing smaller quantities will minimize the heat buildup.


Bonding surfaces should be clean and dry. Once the adhesive is applied, the bonded parts should be held in contact until the part has developed handling strength. It is not necessary to clamp the parts unless movement during cure is likely.


Complete cure is obtained after 24 hours at room temperature. EA (Hysol) 608 will achieve handling strength in 10- 5 minutes at 77°F (note: this can vary with different bond configurations). EA (Hysol) 608 can also be fully cured with heat such as; 5-20 minutes at a maximum of 150°F temperature.

Clean Up

It is important to remove excess adhesive from the work area and application equipment before it hardens. Many common solvents and citrus cleaners are suitable for removing uncured adhesive. Consult with your supplier's information pertaining to the safe and proper use of solvents.


  • 4 gram Foil Packs
  • 2.8 oz. Epoxi Patch Tube Kits
  • 50 ml and 200 ml EPS Cartridges
  • Quart, One Gallon, and Five Gallon Systems