Leister HEMTEK K-ST Stationary Welder, includes tooling to enable Keder welding 162.605 & 162.499



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     The HEMTEK K-ST stationary welder & accessories, which enables Keder welding.   The HEMTEK K-ST from Leister is designed for a wide range of applications and is particularly intuitive to use. Once the machine is mounted, you can start welding immediately. Preparing or finishing with hot-air hand tools is no longer necessary. Now you can weld banners or tarps from corner-to-corner quickly and with ease with Leister's revolutionary HEMTEK K-ST stationary welder. Thanks to its foot pedal, you can use both hands to guide the material for high-quality, stress-free welding.

    And the HEMTEK K-ST includes specialized tooling that enables Keder welding. 

    120v model # 162.605 (US Plug)

    230v model # 162.499 (EU Plug)


    Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order

    • Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order
        • Welding speeds of up to 39 ft. per minute
        • Tooling that enables Keder welding
        • Strong blower motor
        • Tool-free hem guide setting
        • Large display for easy setting of welding parameters


      • Strong blower motor
      • Tool-free hem guide setting
      • One hem guide – three applications:
        Hem: Closed 30 mm (1.2 inches); Pole pockets: up to 100 mm (4 inches); Hems with rope
      • Easy-to-use: Thanks to its foot pedal, your hands are free to guide the material
      • Everything done in a single step: No need to weld with hot-air hand tools afterward
      • All welding parameters are adjustable
      • Cooldown mode
      • Can be mounted onto almost any table: freely-adjustable quick-clamp lock 


      Accessories:  Pressure rollers for both top & bottm of the HEMTEK product line.

       157.047 - top roller, for 30mm nozzle - Pressure Roller, Top 1.2"/ 30mm - HEMTEK

      157.071 -  bottom roller, for 30mm nozzle - Pressure Roller, Bottom 1.2"/ 30mm - HEMTEK





      Attribute Unit Value
      Power W 1800 - 2350
      Voltage V~ 120 - 230
      Width of welding nozzle inch 1.2
      Frequency Hz 50/60
      Temperature °C 212 - 1202
      Drive Speed feet/min 2.6 – 39.4
      Noise emission level dB(A) 70 (K = 3 dB)
      Size (L × B × H) mm 433 × 350 × 600
      Size (L × W × H) inch 59.1 × 27.6 × 59.1
      Conformity mark   CE Certification
      Protection class I   Protection Class I


      Used for the Leister HEMTEK product lines

      both HEMTEK ST (157.870)  and HEMTEK K-ST (162.605)

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