COX MR50/25 - Universal 50ML Dispenser Kit - for all cartridges & all mix ratios (A-system, B-system, S-system, 2K, etc)

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COX MR50/25 (DM2C 050-MR-R13-011) Dispensing Kit for all types of 50ml adhesive cartridges, including Sqaure-Back, Round-Back, and Rectangle-Back cartridges. (and for all stanard mix ratios 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 & 10:1 Ratio Cartridges)

Part Numbers also known as:

159320 DM2C 050-MR-R13-011 MR50/25 DM2 MR50/25



Works with all ratios for A-system, B-system, S-system, 2K and replacement/substitute cartridges.

The Cox MR50/25 Cartridge Dispensing Kit is the perfect kit for virtually all 25 and 50ml cartridges. It includes attachments to operate with all styles of standard 50ml cartridge styles: square-back, rectangle-back, AND round-back cartridges.
It specializes with the harder-to-find round-back cartridges, that are most often used in medical and dental offices and clinics. It is a rugged, multi-purpose cartridge kit, that is sure to work with most any type of adhesive cartridge that you have.

And espeically works with Corian 'round-back' 50ml adhesive cartridges
As well as many impression and adhesive brands, like Exacta, SensiTemp, Defend, and more.

Dispensing Portions (Portioning):

With one full squeeze, this dispenser extrudes approximately 1.85ml (0.06 fl oz, 3/8 teaspoon) of combined epoxy & resin, weighing approximately 2.8 grams

Key Features of the Cox MR50/25 50ml dispensing kit:

Capacity: works with 25ml and 50ml cartridges.

Cartridge styles:

  • Works with all standard styles of adhesive cartridges
  • Square & Rectangle-Back (aka Type-A or A-Type), AND Round-Back (aka Type-S or S-Type) cartridges
  • Round-Back cartridges are most often used in medical & dential applicatios


  • Virtually all standard mixRatios are supported: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1
  • These ratios are supported with 3 different included plungers:
  • First for 1:1, second for 2:1, and third for both 4:1 and 10:1 ratios


  • 50 ml. Cartridge Systems
  • Works perfectly with Corian 'round-back' 50ml adhesive cartridges
  • Supports all standard mix ratios (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1)

  • Full Kit Supports Round Back Cartridges (aka Type-A or A-Type) AND Square Back Cartridges (aka Type-S or S-Type)

  • Round & Square Back Cartridges (full kit) - Model MR50/25

  • Also Accomodates 37/43 ml. 2:1 Systems

  • Lightweight - Molded From Glass Reinforced ABS

  • Easy Loading Breech - Secure Fit