Albion 2-Part Pneumatic Dispensers for 1500ml 1:1 ratio 2-Part Cartridges (AT1500X, AT1500Y-3, AT1500X-3, AT1500, AT1500X-S, AT1500-S, AT1500Y-S3)



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    Albion Pneumatic Air Dispensers for 1500ml 1:1 Mix Ratio 2-Part Cartridges

    Dispenser Style Part Number
    Topload AT1500X
    Topload with Sprayer


    Topload with Sprayer Hi Pressure AT1500X-3
    Sideload AT1500
    Suitcase (One-Handed) Topload   AT1500X-S
    Suitcase (One-Handed) Sideload  AT1500-S
    Suitcase (One-Handed) Topload  with Sprayer AT1500Y-S3
    Suitcase (One-Handed) Topload  with Sprayer Hi Pressure AT1500X-S3


    • Accepts 1:1 Mix Ratio 1500ml, 750 x 750 Twin side-by-side cartridges.
    • Typically used for dispensing solid surface adhesives such as Epoxy, MMA's, Acrylics, Urethanes, Polyurethanes, Polyureas, Polyesters, SMP's, 2-Part Silicones, etc
    • Popular Standard vs. Suitcase (One-Handed Operation) available.  Suitcase option allows for operator to dispense with just one hand, especially for tight or hard to reach areas.
    • Ergonomic design - PATENTED One-hand operation with improved control means easier and more comfortable material dispensing. 
    • Faster flow increases productivity - More power from a 4" diameter cylinder dramatically increases the flow of material.
    • Responsive - Improved trigger control, easy access regulator, and pneumatic forward and reverse.
    • Adaptable - Quickly change over from one-hand to two-hand configurations.
    • Easy reload - Truly functional upright position allows easy load and unload.
    • Rugged construction - Albion's legendary quality and state-of-the-art engineering ensures that the tool can handle rugged conditions.
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