Atlas Mounts - No Drill Bases and Kits

Atlas Mounts - Mounting Made Easy

Atlas Mounts No-Drill, High-Strength Mounting Bases and Kits


Stop! Don't Drill Your Concrete! Atlas Mounts make Mounting Made Easy.

Atlas Mounts No-Drill bases and kits are a high-strength epoxy-based mounting kit that allows you to anchor equipment with no damage to your concrete or steel floors, walls, or ceilings.

  • Permanently mount equipment with NO drills or anchoring taps
  • Each Atlas Base rated up to 6,500 lbs of structural load force (a 4-pack supports up to 25,000 lbs structural load)
  • Installs in less than 20 minutes
  • Surpasses OSHA equipment mounting regulations
  • Yet it's easily removed if needed.

Atlas Mounts No-Drill, High-Strength Mounting Bases and Kits save hours of time, a good chunk of money, and prevents damage to your floors. Atlas allows you to quickly mount and anchor your shop equipment with awesome strength, and enables the flexibility to move your equipment around in the future WITHOUT damaging your floors, walls, or ceilings. When you mount equipment with Atlas Mounts Bases and Kits, there is no drilling required, and no damage to floors.

 You get up to 6,500 total pounds of load bearing strength per base, with awesome resistence to tension and shear forces, around 2,400 to 3,000psi of strength. Atlas Mounts exceeds all OSHA equipment mounting requirements, and yet can be easily removed if needed, leaving your concrete and steel floors, walls, or ceilings undamaged.

Each kit includes from 2 to 100 solid steel mounting bases and Studs, All needed mounting & leveling hardware, specialized fast-setting high-strength epoxy, de-greasing and cleaning wipes, and an Awesome Sticker for your Forehead ! :) 

Use Atlas Mounts No-Drill bases and kits to mount these types of equipment in your workshop: Air Compressors, Water or Fuel Tanks, Shelving and Storage Racks, Gun and Security Safes, Sanders and Grinders, Drills and Presses, Mills and Lathes, Work Benches, Park Benches, Work Tables, Park Tables, and Assembly Line Tables and Equipment.