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DP2X 200

DP2X 200 Is Here To Seal The Deal: What’s New In Dispensing?

Pneumatic dispensers are highly common in electronic production. A highly valuable process in assembly fluid dispensing, the ease of use, efficiency, and cleaner workbench make it extensively beneficial for sealing LCD screens, sensor plotting applications, microphone and speaker dispensing, and much more. Pneumatic dispenser transformed the process of industrial dispensing. However, it has its flip side as well. Since these systems rely on air pressure, erratic fluctuations in air dispensers cause pressure drops and volumetric displacement, affecting the dispensing accuracy and repeatability.  Some other concerns include excessive dripping, fluid wastage, and changes in consistency and homogeneity of the dispensing fluid. DP2X 200 series pneumatic dispenser answers all the problems plaguing the conventional pneumatic dispensing systems. 

The transformative and re-designed Sulzer MixPac DP2X 200 series pneumatic cartridge dispenser has proven highly industrious for industrial and professional two-part adhesive dispensing from 200 and 250 ml cartridges. 

One of the biggest challenges with the pneumatic dispensing system would be process control and repeatability. DP2X 200’s innovative take on the dispensing system solves this problem deftly. The system offers precise pre-designed/ pre-set volumes dispensing controlled volume of fluid per squeeze of the trigger. 

Another advantage of this redesigned system is its availability in ratio configurations of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1, along with an ergonomic design. This customisation allows users across different industries to utilise it for various processes in quantifiable doses. 

DP2X 200 offers the following benefits: 

  • Easy fatigue-free operation
  • Nullifying cross-mixing 
  • High accuracy in application
  • Sturdier components as a result
  • Safe and easy handling
  • More stability and durability

The smart body design provides a durable, lightweight solution that is perfect for mid-to-high volume applications. Retractable plungers ensure a drip-free process, and an integrated regulator is helpful to fine-tune the flow rate of the fluid precisely. The pressurisation creates an airtight surrounding, thus, ensuring complete usage of the liquid to its full potential. Additionally, it also aids the maintenance of appreciable pressure without any power lag throughout the fluid lining process. The quick and easy changeover prevents production delay by minimising changeover time.  

Final take: All in all, DP2X 200 is an avant-garde pneumatic dispensing system that can safely handle high-viscosity compounds, including solder paste, adhesives, epoxies and more. Its versatility to fit every standard 200ml and 250ml cartridges (including Sulzer C and F series) makes it all more accessible. If you already own one of these pieces, you won’t have to worry about spending on a separate new system. 

If you would like to know more about it, browse our online store or contact us for any related queries. 

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