Weldy HG 330-S Heat Gun 123.156



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    The WELDY HG 330-S is a high-performance heat gun. Thanks to quick, infinitely variable temperature adjustment from 176 °F to 1,112 °F and a two-stage blower, the HG 330-S is great for professional and DIY jobs alike. Whether for paint or varnish removal, installing and shrinking plastic films, refreshing plastic parts with hot air, or defrosting pipes, the HG 330-S heat gun makes tasks that require hot air easier. Thanks to its high heating capabilities and blowing strength coupled with low weight and ergonomic design, the HG 330-S is the perfect tool for your unique applications.


    The WELDY HG 330-S heat gun weighs less than 1.65 lbs. This means that even time-consuming work can be done effortlessly. As part of the WELDY heat gun family, the HG 330-S is available in a wide range of configurations for various applications, with practical accessories like tubular nozzles, glass protection nozzles, and spoon reflectors.


    • Can be used for multiple functions
    • Quick, infinitely variable temperature adjustment
    • Integrated, two-stage blower
    • High heat and blowing performance


    Attribute Unit Value
    Voltage V~ 120
    Power W 1400
    Air volume l/min 250 / 450
    Temperature °C 80 - 600
    Size (L × W × H) mm 250 × 80 × 230
    Weight kg 0.7
    Conformity mark CE Certification
    Protection class II ProtectionClass II
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