Thermal Tape Bonding Kit for Overlap Welds with Leister Uniplan 300 Automatic Welding Machines

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  • Type Tarp Welding Machines
  • Vendor Leister
The Leister thermal bonding kit, a practical accessory for the Leister UNIPLAN 300. It is used to bond thermally activated hot melt tapes. These are necessary, for example, for connecting and hemming acrylic fabrics for awnings, banners and other large sheets. The overlaps and hem joints are precisely processed by the automatic guide included in the kit. In addition to good strength and a high water column, the tires also have an excellent visual quality.

Used on these Uniplan 300 automatic welder part numbers:

Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order

  • Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order
  • 164.557 is configured for 40mm wide welds
  • 164.558 is configured for 30mm wide welds
  • 164.559 is configured for 20mm wide welds


WELD SEAM TYPE: Thermal bonding hem; Thermal bonding overlap

The compact Leister UNIPLAN 300 automatic welding machine requires no rail or material attachment. This means that only a small amount of space is blocked when working. Multi-use welding tapes included in the thermal bonding kit allow bonding from the beginning to the end of the overlap. This is an advantage for the users, because manual finishing of the glued overlap is no longer necessary. With the practical thermal adhesive set from Leister and the UNIPLAN 300, various types of thermal hot melt tape from different manufacturers can be glued, such as hot melt tape with glass fiber reinforcement, hot melt tape with fleece reinforcement and hot melt tape with monofilament reinforcement.

Compared to the traditional sewing, methods, gluing has the great advantage that the acrylic fabrics are not perforated and are less liekly to rip or tear under stress. In addition, glued awnings form fewer creases when rolled up, which looks nicer.

Compared to gluing with an ultrasonic machine, gluing with the UNIPLAN 300 incl. the thermal glue set, both from Leister, is space-saving and less expensive to produce. With the compact and light UNIPLAN 300 and the thermal adhesive set, overlaps and hems of awnings or other sun protection devices can be glued simply, quickly, accurately and safely.