MedMix MixPac (Sulzer) MFH 08-24T F-System Mixing Nozzle for 1:1 & 2:1 ratio larger 2-part cartridges (200ml, 225ml, 250ml, 380ml, 400ml)

MedMix MixPac

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    Sulzer Mixpac MFH Helix Round 08-24T Static Mixing Nozzle for F-System 1:1 & 2:1 ratio cartridges, both 200ml and 400ml designs

    The Sulzer Mixpac MFH Series static mixers are the Helix Round  mixer style designed to be used with the F Series cartridges, both 1:1 and 2:1 ratios. The MFH helix mixer gives excellent mixing in a traditional round element configuration/footprint.  If you're concerned about getting a good quality mix, you cannot go wrong with helix mixing nozzles. 

    The real value of the Sulzer MFH nozzle is the way it connects to the Sulzer F System cartridges through two separate outlets guaranteeing there is no product contamination prior to dispensing. This reduces clogging and extends the adhesive's shelf/storage life. 

    For Use with These Adhesives:

    • Epoxy
    • Acrylics/Acrylates/MMA's
    • Silicones
    • Urethanes
    • Other High Viscosity Adhesives

    For Use with:

    Product Specs:


    • Mixing Elements: 24
    • Helix/Round design
    • Tip Type: Stepped
    • Inner Diameter: 8mm
    • Length: 234mm
    • Works With: 1:1 or 2:1 Adhesives
    • Use With: F-System Cartridges
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