MixPac 825ml 10:1 ratio Empty Cartridges with Included Pistons and Sealing Caps (J-System & Construction)

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2-Part (dual-component) 10:1 ratio 825ml (27.9oz) empty Adhesive Cartridges, with included Resealable Caps and Sealing Pistons.

Sulzer MixPac Cartridge Part Number: AJ 825-10-30-05 (#301809)

Available in 2 kit packages, plus Accessories:

  • Empty Cartridges and Pistons
  • Starter Kit with Dispenser
  • Useful Accessories

About the Cartridges:

These cartridges include matching pistons and a re-sealable tip (or cap). They are ready for filling with material, storing and dispensing. These 2-Part cartridges are industrial grade and silicone free. The cartridge design/fit using the "J-System", and are manufactured by Sulzer MixPac, the industry leader in 2-part fluid packaging and dispensing.

Rated up to 100psi sustained pressure. The Cartridge design/fit using the industrial and construction standard "J-System" template. The 2-Part design keeps the two adhesive parts separate, until a separate mixing Nozzle is attached, where the two parts are pushed or extruded into the mixing Nozzle and bonding or curing begins.

Each kit includes different cartridge-count options… either 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 cartridges with the necessary cap and sealing pistons to close and seal the empty cartridges.

These cartridges are perfect for storing and applying bulk adhesives that use a 10:1 mix ratio, where precise metering and mixing is needed.

About the Starter Kits:

Each Starter Kit includes either 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 cartridges, related sealing pistons and cartridge caps, mixing nozzles (one nozzle for each cartridge in your kit), and either one Sulzer MixPac 825 dispenser.

We recommend checking out our Starter Kits to get set up and running. Or if you prefer getting the dispenser separately, check out the Sulzer MixPac 825ml Dispensers, which will enable you to dispense the adhesives out of these cartridge kits.

Total Cartridge Length (bottom to cap tip

10 3/8 inches

Barrel length

7 15/16 inches

Total cartridge width (across both barrels)

4 1/4 inches

Barrel Inner Diameters (10:1 ratio so one side is larger than the other side)

2.93 inches x 0.9 inches

Mixer Style

Bell Style or Integrated-Nut Style, and either Helix or Quadro/Square.

Total Cartridge Volume (both barrels combined)

825ml , or 27.9oz

NOTE: Additional accessories needed. Consider the pre-configured starter kits, or view the accessories scroll-bar below to ensure you get what you need. For example, with these empty cartridges you will also need mixing nozzles and a dispensing product to push/extrude/dispense the adhesive out. We recommend also getting one of our 6825ml Dispensers, which will enable you to dispense the adhesives out of these cartridge kits. The mixing nozzles needed are of the "Bell" or “Integrated Nut” design, which easily twist on and off the cartridge end. These nozzles tend to be difficult to clean and store after their first use, and therefore generally considered to be single-use accessories. These Cartridges use standard static mixer nozzles. Cartridges immediately available in mix ratio's 1:1 or 2:1. Mix ratios of 4:1 and 10:1 can be ordered but on a special-order basis due to infrequent market demand. Products are industrial grade safe to 100 psi and are certified silicone free. Dispensers are available for all size cartridges either in manual of pneumatic. The “J” System is comprised of a small lightweight, hand-held manual dispenser which dispenses 2-component adhesives through “J” System cartridges and mixers. Cartridge systems are available in a variety of volumetric ratios. Please be sure to select the correct ratio for your two component system.