Leister SEAMTEK W-2000 AT with variable speed, easier and safe welding machine



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    The SEAMTEK W-2000 AT welding machine, like the smaller model SEAMTEK W-900 AT, has the innovative hot wedge technology from Leister. This makes it possible to weld with variable speeds. In addition, there are virtually no emissions while welding, so users are even better protected.
    When welding curved products, e.g. inflatables with complex shapes, the variable speed of SEAMTEK W-2000 AT is very helpful, because users can easily reduce the welding speed via foot pedal, without interrupting the welding process. Of course, this is all accomplished with a consistently high seam quality. The thin, hot wedge heats up quickly and cools immediately. These advantages not only make welding with the SEAMTEK W-2000 AT easier and safer, they also make it much more efficient. This stationary welder enables users to weld plastic membranes and plastic-coated materials for fish breeding, shades and more thanks to its frame size. For those who would like to weld large areas, billboards, facade claddings, tents, pool covers and large inflatables made of PVC, PP, PE, PU and other materials, the SEAMTEK W-2000 AT is a great option.
    Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order
    • Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order
    • Variable speed
    • Economical, thanks to its low energy consumption
    • Almost no smoke, increasing occupational safety
    • Inexpensive replacement wedges
    • No preheating required
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