Piston BlowOut Adapter for Smaller 2-part Adhesive Cartridges (50ml, 45ml, 35ml, etc)

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  • Type Piston Blowout Adapters
  • Vendor Maven

The Atlas Professional Piston BlowOut Adapter for Smaller Cartridges (50ml, 45ml, 35ml, etc)

Adapter allows fast and efficient removal of pistons from used-up empty cartridges.  Simply blow-out the pistons using air pressure, by first inserting the adapter into the spent/empty cartridge outlet, and shooting compressed air through your favorite or on-hand air nozzle.

Requires 40psi of air pressure to blow pistons out.

Warning:  With this blow-out adapter, the pistons will shoot out of the cartridge with surprising speed and force. DO NOT POINT THE EMPTY CARTRIDGES IN THE DIRECTION OF ANY PERSON, LIVING THING, OR OBJECT OF VALUE OR DELICACY.  The ejected pistons will be travelling at rather high speeds and may cause damage or harm if not careful.  Use good shop-keeping and shop awareness skills.