Permabond ASC10 Anaerobic Surface Conditioner & Accelerator for Threadlockers



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    Permabond ASC10 Anaerobic Conditioner is a rapid drying accelerator for use with Anaerobic Adhesive/Sealants, also known as Threadlockers. It is designed to be used primarily on inactive surfaces such as zinc plating, cadmium plating, passivated stainless steel, gold, glass, plastic and painted surfaces. It improves the cure of anaerobic adhesives on poorly mated parts. It can also be used to increase the cure rate on less active substrates such as aluminum. This product contains a non-halogenated solvent that is not ozone depleting. Evaporation leaves a thin deposit of initiator on the surface to be bonded. Parts can be activated up to 30 days before bonding. Permabond ASC10 activates surfaces including zinc plating, passivated stainless steel, glass & plastic

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