Permabond 3D10 cyanoacrylate adhesives Instant Adhesive-Low Odour, low bloom 3D print infiltrant


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    PERMABOND® 3D Series are low odour, low bloom 3D print infiltrants for toughening 3D printed parts. The full range of products allow the ideal features for each application.

    Features & Benefits
    Single component - no mixing required
    Low odour – ideal for use in dip baths
    Solvent-free - to minimise workplace hazard
    Adds strength and improves printed part durability
    Moisture cure mechanism 
    No curing equipment required
    Fills porosities
    Easy to apply either as “on the spot” coating or in a dip bath
    For use on simple or complex, small or large parts
    Clear, colourless appearance
    Tack-free finish
    100% reactive, no solvents
    Parts can be bonded, sanded or painted after infiltration

    Chemical composition

    Alkoxyethyl cyanoacrylate



    Specific gravity


    Temperature resistance

    -55 to +82°C (-65 to +180°F)


    Fast Cure


    Shiny Surface


    Good Penetration Product Provides Brilliant Color


    Low 10-20 mPa.s cPs

    Tensile Strength*

    13 N/mm² (1900 psi)

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