Nordson Spray Nozzle Kit (nozzle + sprayyer) for two-part cartridges (24 element, 6.3mm and 9.3mm diameters)

Nordson EFD


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    Nordson Series 160AA Disposable Spray Nozzle + Mixer Kits for Quick Spray Systems

    Nordson EFD’s Series 160AA Quick Spray is a low-pressure air-assisted spray system for two-component coatings. This disposable static mixer is designed for use with conventional meter/mix equipment or with Nordson EFD’s two-component cartridge system. The reactive coating is mixed within the disposable static mixer. At the mixer outlet, air is introduced which atomizes the liquid stream. The degree of atomization can be adjusted by regulating the airflow rate. Since the reactive coating is contained completely within the mixer, cleanup is minimal.

    Kit Includes: One Mixing Nozzle and One Spray Nozzle Cap

    Round Spray Pattern

    ■ The round air cap produces a full cone pattern, which is
    completely filled with spray drops. It is used on irregular
    surfaces, such as truck bed interiors.



    SAP # (AKA) Mixing

    Pressure Limitation


    Air Cap Assembly
    7700846 (160-624AA-4) 24 0.238/6.30 360/25 7701282 (171-AN-200)
    7700920 (160-824AA-2) 24 0.366/9.30 300/21  7701282 (171-AN-200)

    *Important: For any bell housing inlet mixer, order retaining nut: #7702595 for 0.189-0366" ID; or #7702598 for 0.5'' ID
    Note: The Series 160AA Quick Spray System also requires these parts:
    • Air Cap Assembly (#7701282)
    • Quick Connect Fitting (#7701286)



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