MixPac CK400-10 (114407) Conversion Kit 10:1 Ratio for for Manual DM400 and Pneumatic DP400 Dispensers

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The MixPac CK400-10 (114407) 10:1 Ratio Conversion Kits for your MedMix MixPac DM400 & DP400 Dispensers.

Works with Manual & Pneumatic 400ml MedMix MixPac dispensers, and retrofits them to a 10:1 ratio.

Take your existing 400ml DM400 or DP400 dispenser and allow it to dispense 10:1 ratio 490ml 2-part cartridges.

The same conversion kit works with both the Manual DM400 series and the Pneumatic DP400 series, which is pretty cool.

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CK400-10-01 114407
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