Maven UV Glass LV - Low Viscosity 20cps UV Curable Resin for windshield repars - 1 Liter Bottle, UOM is 1ml



  • $ 499.99

    Maven UV Glass LV is a low-viscosity glass repair resin with the perfect refractory index match for glass.

    Best for Star & Bullseye Breaks.  And works in all weather conditions.

    But in winter and with colder temps, it turns into an all-purpose resin, working great for all break types (stars, lines, curves, bullseyes)

    Maven UV Glass LV Resin is formulated with the perfect balance of UV inhibitors to stop and permanently prevent yellowing.

    If used in temperatures below 60 degrees F. A warming source for the windshield is recommended. It's just physics, cold temps makes the resin thicker, warming the windshield up helps keep it at the right thickness. 


    • Color coded to guarantee u grab the right bottle
    • Blue Cap and Blue Label is for Cold Temps, simple.
    • Low Viscosity, 20cps
    • UV Stable, Never yellows, never experiences UV degradation
    • Perfectly balanced for index refraction of glass

    Direct Substitute for these formulas:

    • GT Tools DiamondClear LV  (RLVAF)
    • Delta Kits 
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