Maven EAF110 GEL Flexible & Thick Gel Epoxy Thixotropic - Medium Set 20 minute - Flexible Temp Resistant 20-Minute Set Plastic & Metal Epoxy

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Maven EAF110 GEL is a two-part, room temperature cure, thixotropic thick epoxy gel adhesive designed for high speed bonding of metals, ceramics, and most plastics. It cures to a tough semi-rigid material. It gives good resistance to water, salt spray, inorganic acids and bases, and most organic solvents. It is especially formulated for a 1:1 mix ratio for use in side by side cartridges, or to be used by hand mixing, or use with Meter Mix Equipment.

Substitutes and Similar Formulas:

  • 3M DP110NS Flexible Non-Sag 20-minute set epoxy

A handling cure is normally achieved at room temperature within 60 minutes with a full cure at room temperature within 24 hours. To accelerate the final cure, or to quicken the handling simply elevate the temperature.

Room Temperature Cure Properties

Work Time: 8 to 12 minutes (at 75°F/ 24°C)
Fixture Time: 60 minutes (at 75°F/ 24°C)
Full Cure: 24 hours for full properties
Operating Temperature -40°F(-40°C ) to 266°F (130°C)
Mixed Density 9.5 lbs/gal (1.15 g/cc)
Flash Point Greater than 200°C (392°F)
Viscosity Non-Sag Thixotropic Gel
Color Cures amber color
Mix Ratio 1 part Resin to 1 part Hardener (1:1)
Hardness 80 Shore D
Lap Shear Strength > 2,300 PSI
Tensile Strength 6,500 PSI
Elongation 5% to 10%
Impact Resistance > 150 inch/lb
Water Absorption <1% (24 hours)
Dielectric Constant 4.5 (@ 25c, 100Hz)
Dielectric Strength 410 v/mil
Volume Resistivity 8 x (10 to the 14th power) ohm-cm
Shelf Life 12 Months
VOC Content 0% by Weight

Handling and Storage

  1. Store between 40°F and 85°F. Prior to mixing, bring both components to room temperature. Mix 1 part A to 1 part B thoroughly for at least 30 to 60 seconds.
  2. Dispense mixed material over properly positioned devices to be glued together. Do not pour more than 1/2” thick as the product may exotherm too high and may boil. As this is a very quick adhesive, you must work quickly to bond the pieces together.
  3. Parts may be shipped within 24 hours but parts can be moved in 1 hour.

Additional Information

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