Loctite EA (Hysol) 1C Epoxy - 4oz Two-Tube Kit

Loctite EA (Hysol)


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    Loctite EA (Hysol) 1C Epoxy Kit (with Re-Usable Mixing Sheet and mixing sticks) is a two-part, off-white color highly-versatile general-purpose epoxy adhesive and sealant.  It has a 25 minute working time, 24hr full cure time (cures faster with heat), works with most metals, plastics, and wood, withstands severe environmental condidtions, and is sandable/machinable.  EA (Hysol) 1C delivers great strength with a shear strength of 1500 psi, and has good temperature resistance with a maximum operating temperature of+250 °F. It includes all accessories needed to mix, seal, and re-mix for future jobs or projects: 2 Mixing Sticks, Re-Usable plastic mixing sheet, that the Epoxy does not bond to, just peels right off once cured).


    • Brand:             Loctite
    • Trade Name:    EA (Hysol)
    • Pat Number:    1C
    • Materials:        MetalsPlasticsWood
    • Cure Time:      24 hr
    • Work Time:     25 min
    • Color:             Off-White
    • Multi-Part:      Two-Part Adhesive
    • Product Form: Liquid
    • Package Type: Kit in 2 Tubes
    • Package:         4 oz across 2 tubes
    • Shear:           1500 psi
    • Shore Hardness: 65 Shore D
    • Max Temp:     +250 °F
    • Viscosity:       350,000 cPs   (thixotropic/thick gel or paste)
    • Storage:         Store Between +46.4°F to +69.8°F
    • Features:        Machineable, Sandable, High service temperature, Low outgassing properties, Excellent environmental resistance




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