Leister TRIAC ST & AT Flooring Install & Repair Kits -199.304.ST , 199.304.AT



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    Two Kit options, same Leister TRIAC reliability for professional Flooring installation performance.  These two kit options include the same acessories, except the ST includes a TRIAC ST (manual/analog) and the AT includes a TRIAC AT (digital)


    Kit 1: 199.304.ST - TRIAC ST Flooring Kit

    (manual/analog controls for heat and air flow, the traditional workhorse)

    TRIAC ST 120V (Tool Case Incl.) – Article Number: 141.228

    Kit 2: 199.304.AT - TRIAC AT Flooring Kit 

    (digital controls for heat and air flow, more precision operation)

    TRIAC AT 120V (Tool Case Incl.) – Article Number: 141.316

    And both kits include these accessories:

    5mm Tubular Nozzle  – Article Number: 100.303

    4mm Speed Welding Nozzle (Round - Narrow Slide) - Article Number: 105.432

    GROOVY (hand grooving tool) - Article Number: 150.809

    Trimming knife w/ 5 spare blades -  Article Number: 117.000

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