Individual Air-Free (AF) Pistons for the Nordson 2K 50ml 1:1 ratio cartridges

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  • Type Cartridge Pistons
  • Vendor Nordson EFD
  • SKU NRD_5011_AIRFREE_PISTON_7704061

Nordson AF (Air-Free) Auto-Release individual pistons that fit the Nordson 2K (aka A-System) 50ml 1:1 ratio cartridge and the Atlas Professional 50ml1:1 ratio cartridge.

These pistons are sold as single Pistons, and incremented/added one-at-a-time on this productd page.

Please note that each cartridge needs 2 pistons.

Pistons for Nordson 2K 50ml 1:1 ratio cartridges (#770461)

Here is a video from Nordson that illustrates how these next-generation pistons operate: