Hardman Double Bubble Purple/Beige-Label A85 04024 - Crystal Clear Flexible Water-Resistant Urethane Adhesive

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  • Type Urethane
  • Vendor Hardman Double Bubble
  • SKU DB_URTHAN_PRP_04024_005PK
  • Barcode 687927955790

Hardman Double Bubble purple/beige-label A85 #04024 Urethane Adhesive is a medium-setting 15-minute crystal clear urethane adhesive with high peel strength and high flexibility. It is highly UV Resistant and will not fade or yellow in sunlight or exposure to UV light spectrum.

Typical uses: Jewelry making and repair, Sealing and repair of flexible surfaces, Repairing of construction and off-road tires, flexible conveyor belts, printing press rollers, rubberized fabrics, shoes, ski boots and other sports equipment.