Araldite 2023-10, 30, & 60 Flexible Toughened Foaming Gap-Filling MMA - 10, 30, 60-Minute Set


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    Araldite® 2023-10 is a two component, room temperature curing, flexible, methacrylate adhesive with an open time of 10 minutes. It is a thixotropic paste which can fill gaps up to 30 mm. This adhesive is ideal for bonding composites for the manufacturing of large structures.



    • 10-minute open time at RT
    • Gap filling up to 30 mm
    • Bright grey color (UV stable)
    • Tolerant to ‘’less than ideal’’ pre-treatment
    • Tough flexible bonds for use in dynamic environments

    Please Note: The 380ml cartridges are designed to work with a Specialized Coaxial Dispenser as the cartridge is designed with a "tube within a tube".  One example is the Albion B26C380X4 dispenser. It must be used with the proper dispenser to work.


    Store between 36 and 46 degrees F to achieve a shelf-life of 18 months. Storage at higher temperatures degrades shelf-life.

      Technical Specs

      Part Number 2023-10, 2023-30, 2023-60
      Item Weight 1.2 lbs to 5.1 lbs dep. on variant
      Product Dimensions 9x2.5x2.5 inches
      Origin Made in UK
      Item model number 2023-10, 2023-30, 2023-60
      Color Bright Grey - UV Stable
      Material Methacrylate (MMA)
      Item Package Quantity 1
      Number Of Pieces 1
      Tensile Strength 3190 PSI
      Measurement System Standard
      Special Features Toughened Non-Sag
      Included Components Mixing Nozzle Included


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