3M EPX Plunger for Legacy 3:2 ratio 43ml cartridges (popular with the OLD Legacy 3M DP2216 cartridges)

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3M EPX 3:2 ratio Legacy plunger (soon-to-be-discontinued), designed for 3M's EPX Plus II 50ml dispenser.

3:2 Ratio (3M_PLA_050_3-2_PLG_LEGACY_50006)

  • This one plunger is specially designed to fit the old-style (discontinued) 3M 3:2 ratio cartridges.
  • It does not fit the current style 3:2 ratio
  • Brand: MixPac
  • 3M Stock Number: 7010309947 (50006) (old stock # 62917099228)
  • 3M UPC: 76308863906 (7010415317)
  • Mix Ratio: 3:2
  • Popular formula: Legacy style 3M Cryogenic Performance Epoxy EC2216, DP2216, 2216
  • Size: 43ml or 1.45oz 3:2 ratio 2-Part cartridges