Why Small-Batch Benchtop Filling Systems are a Preferred Choice for Adhesive Applications

Many professionals who oversee adhesive applications know that filling adhesive cartridges and syringes was no less than a challenge a few years ago. But ever since small-batch benchtop filling systems got developed, the struggle seems to have vanished in thin air. Why? Because a highly-configurable benchtop filling system, such as the Maven filling services system, makes the task a breeze by allowing you to fill syringes or cartridges with minimal effort and in no time.

While investing in a small-batch filling system may seem like an expensive undertaking, it offers excellent performance for years, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Here’s why small-batch benchtop filling systems have become a preferred option:

Quick setup

The first reason that keeps benchtop filling machines in demand is the ease of setup. They are just so easy to install and set up that you don’t need to be a trained professional or have years of experience doing that. Each machine comes with a user manual with clear instructions about everything that you need to know. All you have to do is to read these instructions carefully and follow them.

Easy cleanup

Another great thing about these filling systems is that they are easy to clean after use. Cleaning them after each adhesive application is not only hassle-free but also recommended for the device’s durability. Also, their cleanup doesn’t take much time, so you can consider doing it yourself after every use to keep your machine functioning for an extended period without worrying about wasting time.

Compatible with a variety of empty cartridges

Changing the filling machine with each cartridge use or keeping yourself restricted to a single cartridge use is not a good experience. Modern benchtop filling machines resolve this issue by offering a greater degree of compatibility with a number of different empty cartridges, ranging between 10 ml and 1500 ml in capacity.

Swappable from 1-fluid to 2-fluid

You might be tired of looking for the right filling equipment for your small-batch production needs and may not have found one yet. A quality small-batch filling machine, such as the Maven filling services system, can put an end to this search. These systems can be quickly swapped between 1-fluid and 2-fluid modes, making them suitable for varying needs.

Serve various purposes

Benchtop filling machines are all about variety. You can use them in your lab, field jobs, or even in packaging operations. The best part is that they offer multiple benefits while keeping the total ownership cost significantly low.

The bottom line

A high-quality benchtop filling system not only supports a myriad of adhesive applications but also helps save time and cost for each project, making your processes more efficient and your business more profitable than ever. The key to success is to find a product that allows configuration and can be used for a variety of needs. If that’s something you’re looking for, Maven filling systems can be suitable for your services.

At Perigee Direct, we offer a range of liquid and adhesive filling systems to help businesses streamline their cartridge filling process and improve their efficiency. If you are looking for affordable yet effective solutions for your adhesive needs, feel free to browse our collection today or contact us today.