What’s Cooking In SULZER MixPac Series?- All About DP2X 400 PNEUMATIC CARTRIDGE DISPENSER

What’s Cooking In SULZER MixPac Series?- All About DP2X 400 PNEUMATIC CARTRIDGE DISPENSER

What’s Cooking In SULZER MixPac Series?- All About DP2X 400 PNEUMATIC CARTRIDGE DISPENSER

Sulzer is a well known Swiss industrial engineering and manufacturing firm dealing with quality products in fluid engineering. From pumping, agitation, mixing to separation and various application technologies, Sulzer is responsible for specialised products to ease every process concerned with designing and implementing systems transporting fluids. Pneumatic cartridge dispensers are the most extensively used tools for applying liquids in repeat shots and controlled beads. The Mixpac DP2X 400 series by Sulzer is one of the best innovations in manual adhesive dispensing.

How’s It Different?

Out of the Sulzer’s comprehensive line of systems for cartridge-based 2-K applications, the MixPac DP2X 400 series has turned out to be a forward and be counted among market-leading brands for hand-held sealant adhesive dispensers. Professional bonding is a crucial manufacturing process that holds a vital role across several industrial verticals, including:


  • Aerospace
  • Shipbuilding
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing of wind energy plants
  • Construction
  • Stone processing
  • Industrial assembly
  • Electronics


From setting integral parts of various repair kits, maintenance and repair of sport and leisure equipment to general household use, adhesive bonding tends to be more preferred over welding due to its high precision and alignment of lines. 







The DP2X 400 helps achieve the same efficiency with high-performance results while ensuring safe and easy handling, especially while working with 2K epoxy. It is an innovative development over the original DP400 series with wide access to multi-ratio configurations, including 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. Like every Mixpac series, the DP2X 400 consists of two-component adhesives- a pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge and a static mixer. The entire system functions as an integrated single unit high-performance system.


With the DP2X 400, you unlock the top three requirements of fluid dispensing:


  1. Accurate metering
  2. Outstanding mixing quality
  3. Reproducibility


Another advantage of this system is that it works perfectly with most standard 400ml and 490ml cartridges, including Sulzer’s C and F series.


The multi-ratio nature of this innovative dispenser facilitates formulators, end-users and distributors to use a single system instead of investing in three or four separate dispensers. The accuracy of dispensing fluids, its repeatability while ensuring comfort earns this innovative system the tag of the next-generation pneumatic dispenser.


Other features of the dispenser include:

  • Flexibility
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Impeccable precision


Regardless of its sturdy cast aluminium and reinforced nylon body, the system is as light as a feather with a balanced weight contribution. Its carefully crafted ergonomic design, a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) product, eliminates every redundant component in non-structural areas while ensuring that the frame can withstand every operational pressure and force. It helps in achieving fatigue-free handling with a built-in silencer ensuring quiet operation. 


The quick air exhaust prevents wastage from dripping, and interchangeable cartridges and plungers make it possible to carry out an immediate exchange of ratios.


All in all, this system is here to transform the pneumatic dispensing process while providing the best user experience. From bonding, sealing, solid surface, gap filling, to shimming an encapsulation- DP2X 400 is your answer.


If you would like to upgrade your fluid dispensing method, browse our online store to place an order or connect with us for any business-related queries.