Perigee Direct Product Information Bulletin

Product: Parker LORD 300:75 mL 4:1 Alternate Cartridge Phase 1

Date: May 30, 2023

Product Obsoletion: Parker LORD 300:75 mL 4:1 Cartridge - Transitioning to 415 mL 4:1 cartridge

We have an update regarding our Parker LORD 300:75 mL 4:1 cartridges. In response to ongoing supply chain challenges, we are implementing a permanent change to transition to the 415 mL 4:1 cartridge.

With this change, the new cartridge will require alternate mix-tips and dispense guns. This adjustment ensures optimal performance and compatibility. 

The transition will occur in phases, eventually affecting all 300:75 mL 4:1 cartridges. This phased implementation allows for a manageable integration process, minimizing potential disruptions.

At Perigee Direct, we strive to provide you with the highest quality products and services. We value your business and appreciate your support during this change.

Please get in touch with our dedicated support team at 817.381.9398 for specific application and product information. Also, you can find additional information on our website at

Thank you for your continued partnership.



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