How to Choose the Right MMA Adhesive for Your Application

MMA adhesive, commonly known as methyl methacrylate adhesive, is a structural glue used in a variety of applications. However, determining the best MMA adhesive for a particular project or material can be difficult. It is important to carefully evaluate the properties of different MMA adhesives and choose one that is compatible with your specific application. Read on to find out how to select the best MMA adhesive for your needs

Applications of MMA Adhesive

  • MMA adhesive is frequently used in construction for bonding metal, concrete, and other materials.
  • It is used in the automotive and aerospace industries for bonding parts and components. It is often used as a substitute for welding or mechanical fastening due to its high strength and durability.
  • It is used in marine applications for bonding fiberglass, plastics, and other materials. It is resistant to water and other harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for use in boats and other marine vessels.
  • MMA adhesive is commonly used for installing flooring, especially in high-traffic areas.

The factors you need to consider when choosing MMA adhesive for your application are explained below.

Strength Requirements

Different MMA adhesives have different levels of strength, and it is important to choose one that can provide the necessary bonding strength for your specific application. Some MMA adhesives are designed for high-strength applications, such as bonding metals or plastics, while others are better suited for lower-strength applications, such as bonding wood or foam.

Temperature Conditions

Another important factor to consider when selecting an MMA adhesive is the temperature conditions of the application. Some MMA adhesives can withstand high temperatures, while others may not be suitable for use in applications where temperature extremes are present. If your application will be exposed to high temperatures, it is important to choose an MMA adhesive that is designed for high-temperature applications.

Substrate Type

The substrate type is also an important factor to consider when selecting an MMA adhesive. Different MMA adhesives are designed for use with different types of substrates, such as metals, plastics, wood, or concrete. It is important to choose an MMA adhesive that is compatible with the substrate you will be bonding.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to strength requirements, temperature conditions, and substrate type, there are other factors to consider when selecting an MMA adhesive. These factors may include:

Cure time: Some MMA adhesives cure faster than others, which may be important for applications where a fast cure time is necessary.

Viscosity: The viscosity of an MMA adhesive can affect its ease of application and the thickness of the bond line.

Color: Some MMA adhesives are available in different colors, which may be important for applications where the bond line will be visible.

Toxicity: Some MMA adhesives may be toxic or emit harmful fumes, which may be a concern for certain applications.

Maven MMA 4085: Substitute for Plexus MA685

Maven MMA 4085 is a two-part MMA adhesive with a 10:1 ratio that is ideal for solid surface seaming. It adheres well to acrylics, cast acrylics, polyesters, cast/densified polyesters, thermoplastics, and composites. It is water, impact, wear, scuffing, boiling water, high temperature, and UV radiation resistant.

Plexus MA685 - part number 68505, now discontinued at Perigee Direct, can be substituted with Maven MMA 4085.

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