Permabond 922 Instant Adhesive-Fast-Set, Thick Gap Filling, 2-Step High-Temp Resistant

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Permabond 922 is the original Allyl Cyanoacrylate Super Glue Instant Adhesive. It is a single part, Thick High-Vscosity liquid that dries rapidly at room temperature. Permabond 922 will dry to handling strength in 10 seconds on most surfaces, and rapidly develops high strength with full cure obtained in 24 hours. The adhesive was specifically designed to meet a very high temperature resistance, up to 482f (250c). It provides excellent bond strength to steel, aluminum, and most metal surfaces. It will also adhere well to a wide variety of other materials including most types of plastic and rubber.

In order to withstand very high temperature environments (up to 482f / 250c), Permabond 922 was designed to reach these very high temp resistance when subjected to a second drying/curing step. If warmed to temperatures higher than 150°C (302°F), this second step activates the high-temp resistance feature. The secondary process includes these steps:
1) Parts are bonded and clamped at room temperature for four hours.
2) The clamped parts are then heated at 150°C (302°F) for two more hours.
3) After the second step is complete, the bond will be thermally resistant up to 250°C (482°).