Maven Powder Coat - Popular Whites (Cream, Gray White, Papyrus White, Pure White, Signal White, Traffic White)

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Maven Powder Coat has been arming professionals, manufacturers, coaters and do-it-yourselfers (those awesome Pro-sumers) with reliable and consistent powder coatings for years.
Our powder combines beautiful finishes with exceptional protection performance. From electrical equipment to toolboxes, from water valves to shopping carts, PPG has the products and expertise to optimize the coatings applications process and make finished goods look better and last longer.

This is a collection of the most popular White powder coat Colors.

And they roughly relate to these styles of White:

RAL 9001 Cream 80% Gloss 20% Flat
RAL 9002 Grey White 90% Gloss 10% Flat
RAL 9018 Papyrus White 80% Gloss 20% Flat
RAL 9010 Pure White 80% Gloss 20% Flat
RAL 9003 Signal White 80% Gloss 20% Flat
RAL 9016 Traffic White 80% Gloss 20% Flat


WARNING: Cancer -


  • Ultra-Durable
  • Excellent exterior durability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Salt Spray: 1000 hours pass (ASTM B-117)
  • Humidity Resistance: 1000 hours pass (ASTM D-1735)
  • Recommended Bake: 10 Minutes @ 400° Metal Temperature, See Cure Curve PCT-001