Maven AC Electrical Plug For Re-Wiring Heat Guns and Electrical Equipment

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SKU: MV_NEMA 5-15P 125V 20A
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  • Vendor Maven
  • SKU MV_NEMA 5-15P 125V 20A

Maven Electrical plugs for when you need to swap out EU plugs for US plugs, or need to wire bare wires for your equipment. 

Typically these are Leviton brand but may vary depending on availability and customer feedback.  They are always professional-grade reliable and durable.

NEMA Ratings

Male NEMA 5-15P:   up to 15 amp, 110 to 125v (used with Female receptical NEMA 5-15R)

Male NEMA 5-20P:   up to 20 amp, 110 to 125v (used with Female receptical NEMA 5-20R)

Male NEMA 6-15P:   up to 15 amp, 220 to 250v (used with Female receptical NEMA 6-15R)

Male NEMA 6-20P:   up to 20 am,p 220 to 250v (used with Female receptical NEMA 6-20R)